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Welcome! This webapp is for musicians and producers who want to share their samples such as beats and riffs with others.

Name Play Mime Type Size (bytes)  
Lala.mp3 audio/mpeg 482324 Download
rewl.mp3 audio/mpeg 29174 Download
Rewl_song.mp3 audio/mpeg 261141 Download
Rewl_symphony.mp3 audio/mpeg 261141 Download
Rewl_Track1.mp3 audio/mpeg 261141 Download
Arpeggio_G_augsus4_120bmp.wav audio/wav 706698 Download
zürcherstrasse.mp3 audio/mpeg 188470 Download
zürcherstrasse.ogg video/ogg 191259 Download

Share Music Files

Here you can upload your sample. Press "Choose File" then "Upload File". Allowed file extensions are .wav, .mp3 and .ogg audio files. Maximum file size is 1 Megabyte.

Legal Notice

Uploaded samples are free and available to the world. Do not upload copyright material unless you are the owner of the copyrights.